Student Enrollment Procedures

  1. Identification of Enrolling Parent/ Guardian
    A valid California I.D. or Driver’s License of the parent or guardian with current street address.  P.O. BOX Numbers are not accepted.
  2. Proof of Birth
    Student’s original birth certificate (other recognized proof of age may be presented in the event the birth certificate is not available)
  3. Proof of Residency
    All documentation must show the name and address of the parent or legal guardian.

    • If you own or are buying your home – a current utility bill (Closing escrow papers may be accepted on a recently purchased home when no utility bill is available.)
    • If you are renting – a current utility bill: Gas or electric only, with the parent/ guardian’s name and current street address is required.  Disconnect notices are not accepted.  (If recently moved and no utility bill is available a signed rental agreement listing the names of the tenants, name and phone number of the landlord, manager, or property owner may be accepted.  The utility bill will need to be presented within 30 days.  If utilities are included it MUST be stated in the rental agreement.)
    • If you live with someone else – A statement of residence form is required – along with documents which are listed on the backside of the Statement of Residence Form.  This form is available at all school sites and the District Office.
  4. Other Enrollment Requirements (one or more may apply)
    • Official Yellow California immunization record or if out of state an official record showing all current immunizations is required.
    • Transfer Papers/ Transcripts:  Transfer papers from the previous school should show the most recent grade level and check-out grades or final grades from the last completed grade level or semester.
    • Special Education:  If the student is receiving services, the most recent IEP will need to be provided to the enrolling school for appropriate placement.
    • Guardianship (when the enrolling party is other than the biological parent):  The process is done by appointment only after all the required documentation has been obtained by the parent and/ or guardian.  Please call________________ to schedule an appointment.
      Note:  The Guardianship Procedure instructions are available at all school sites and at the District Office.