Credits & Grades

Warren High School requires at least 220 credits for graduation.

Some classes last one semester, while others last the entire year.  Students typically take six classes per semester and receive five credits for each class passed each semester.

Course # of Sememsters Credits per Sememster Total Credits
English 8 5 40
Math 4 5 20
Social Science 6 5 30
Science 4 5 20
World Language or Visual & Performing Arts 2 5 10
Physical Education 4 5 20
Health 1 5 5
Electives varies 5 75
Total 220
Earning Credits at Warren High School

How do I earn credits?

Each of your classes is worth 5 credits

  • A grade of A, B, C, D earns 5 credits.  An F is worth 0 credits
  • Credits are given at the end of each semester, in January and June.
  • Each semester, you can earn 30 credits.  (6 classes X 5 credits each = 30)
  • You can earn 60 credits each year. (2 semesters X 30 credits = 60)

How many credits do I need at each grade level?

You need to earn the right number of credits to go on to the next grade

  • 50 credits required to go on to 10th grade
  • 100 credits required to go on to 11th grade
  • 160 credits required to go on to 12th grade

If I fail some classes, how can I make up my credits?

  • You can take two summer school classes and make up 10 credits.
  • When you are 16 or a junior, you can take Adult School classes in the evenings or ROP classes for a maximum of 10 credits each semester
  • If you fall 20 credits or more behind, you can attend Columbus for a semester or a year and return to WHS and graduate if you meet the requirements to return.

Grades and GPA

Colleges and employers look for students with high grade point averages (GPA) as evidence of what they have learned and as proof of their willingness to work hard.  High schools give different numbers of points for each grade.  You earn a different number of points for each grade: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0.  Some advanced courses are weighted and worth additional points when figuring the GPA; for example an A might be worth 5 points.

Sample GPA for a student for one semester:

Class Grade Points
English A 4
Math B 3
Spanish B 3
Biology C 2
World History A 4
Physical Education C 2

GPA : 18 Grade Points / 6 Classes = 3.0 GPA