Club Constitution

Club Name Club Advisor Club Purpose* Meeting Time
A Better World Club Mr. Niemeyer *Provide resources, ideas, and oppertunities to encourage students to work to make the world a better place through acts of kindess,positive attitudes, and global thinking . Tuesdays room 201 from 3-4pm
Animation Club WAC Mr. Austin Warren Animation Club – also known as “W.A.C.” is a student club formed with the expressed intention of reaching out to Downey and its surrounding communities in order to promote the art of animation.  In short, Warren Animation throws open the doors of the lab and invites anyone in who wants to try animation.  Visitors are assisted by Warren animation students who will work with them on drawing techniques and basic animation activities. Wednesdays; 6:30-8:30pm; Mr. Austin’s classroom
Anti-Bullying Club Mr. Rhoades *Spread awareness of bullying and give memebers a placfe to feel safe to discuss and report concerns about bullying. Tuesdays at snack
Art Club Ms. Lamar and Ms. Lemus To expose student to the possibilities of art. Art club puts on a yearly chalk festival, paints murals on campus, does arts and crafts every Thursday at their meetings in U2. Text @c7e345 to 81010 to get updates, follow us on twitter: @ArtClub_WHS, and check out the website:  T6
AVID BCM (Bears Community Members) Ms. Harris Promote the values of character and college readiness in all students.  AVID BCM volunteers throughout WHS and Downey and strives to make sure our members are role models in the community.  L109
Band Mr. Niemeyer Band – At WHS we have Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz I, Jazz II, Percussion Ensemble and Color Guard/Winter Guard. These ensembles are all part of the WHS band club. Please visit for more information.
Bears Helping Community Members Mrs. Harris  TBA  L109
Bears helping Senior citazens (BHSC) Ms. Fisher *To volunteer at Senior homes and bring joy to senior citazens Wednesday at Snack
Bears of Hope Mrs. Kropf *To fundrase and raise awareness for childhood cancer Wednesdays; 1st lunch & L202 2nd L112
Biology Club Mr. Orlinsky *To explore biology concepts and instill a sense of wonder in students perspectives Friday after school room S112
Bookworms Club Ms. Gargas *To expose students to the deeper meaning of literature and proving an open forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions Thursday afterschool in room G4
Cru Club (Bible Club) Mr. Drake *To build a group of great young leaders who live by the word of God and grow to cherish the lord Lunch 1st E14; 2nd B103
Choir Club Mr. Petersen Choir – At WHS we have Advanced Women’s Choir (Varsity Women), Advanced Men’s Choir (Varsity Men), Beginning Women’s Choir (Bel Canto), Beginning Men’s Choir (Mantown), Chamber Choir (Warren Singers), Vocal Ensemble, Men’s Ensemble, Holiday Singers  and Café Desha. Please visit for more information.
Comedy Club Mrs. LaMar *Students can come together through comedy and learn about different comedians and styles of comedy Mondays T6 afterschool
Construction Club Mr. Kiess  TBA  J3
CSF Ms. Stewart  TBA  H3
Culinary and Catering Club Mr. Zegarra  TBA  D2
Dance Team Ms. Anaya  TBA  R4
Diversity Club Mr. Fisher *To raise awareness to the issue of racism Every other Wednesday at lunch  (both)
Downey Historian Society Club Mr. Redfox *To bring awarness to members on topics related to the history of Downey Wednesday at Lunch F1
Environmental Club Ms. Stewart “To promote awareness and service for the environment and provide education regarding environmental issues” *H3
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Mr. David Cha “To demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence.” L210 and S211
FIDM Fashion Club Ms. Schulman  TBA Wednesday L113 (Snack,lnch,afterschool??)
Film Club Mr. Lundsberg To help Film & TV Production students extend their prodution outside of the classroom K3
French Club Mr. Noonan *offers students oppertunities to engage in ,interact with, and experience the French Langauge and culture beyond the classroom Thurday at snack room U3
Future Business Leaders of America Ms. Miyada **to provide as an integral part of the instructional program additional opportunities for high school students in business and or business related fields **S212
Garden Club Mr. Russell Garden Club allows students the opportunity to gain a first-hand experience in growing food and maintaining plants. Vegetables are grown for use in the culinary arts program, and we also maintain the native plant garden Meetings take place every Wednesday from 3-4:30, starting in V-1, and ending in the garden.
German Club Ms. Drechsler  TBA U5 Second Thurs of every month (lunch , snack?)
Girls League Ms. Nielsen, Mrs. Stewart  To foster good fellowship while serving our school and community Tuesdays, Both Lunches, Library
Glee Club Mrs. Davis *To expose students to the joys of singing and instill a love of music and the arts Fridays afterschool 3-4 Q4
Humanitarian Society  Club Ms. Pardo  TBA Mondays at lunch 1stQ3 Sec. U4
Ideas Club Mrs Vasquez-Funk  TBA  L111
Impact Club Mr. Tse We are a club that focuses on helping the school and the neighborhood through various community service projects that focus on helping to preserve and take care of our natural resources. Wednesday’s afterschool S211
Interact Club Mr. Lord *We allow teens at WHS to have the opportunity to better ,help, and serve the comminity around us Tuesday at lunch 1st L204 2nd S106
Key Club Mr.latham *We do not make keys, but we do build our home,school,and community wed 1st lunch S1 & 2nd A102
Ladies Leadership Mrs. Kirby *To empower young women ,advocate for equal rights of women,and to strengthen their capacity enabling them to act as agents of women empowerment and social change H-3 Wednesdays at lunch(both) Q4
Latinos United Ms. Adame  TBA  E14
L.E.A.P (leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection Mrs. Stweart *To help the environment by participating in events that will not only aid the environment but also teach other members about the impact of their service H-3 Lunch Thurday (both????)
Link Crew Ms. LaMar To have fun while guiding freshmen through their first year of high school through mentoring, putting on freshmen-only activities, organizing and putting on freshmen orientation in the summer, helping freshmen to get involved, and going into English 9 classes to facilitate teambuilding activities. Leaders are Juniors and Seniors that are chosen through an application and interview process. Interviews are held every spring, there is an informational assembly before applications are due.  T6
Make a Wish Club Mr. Nam to work alongside the Make-A-Wish foundation and raise money to grant kids with life threating medical conitions a Wish of their choice Mondays at snack room U6
Mock Trial Mrs. Mack  TBA Fridays afterschhool (Mrs Mack’s room)
Music and Modern Arts Club Ms. Martin **Educate Students with the knowledge and history of music and arts Thursday Room A204 at snack
Photography  Club Mr. Redfox *To give the oppertunity to showcase your work or develop a love for the visual arts J1 at snack on tuesdays
Positively Pink Mrs. Kropf “To raise awareness for breast cancer”  TBA
Robotics Club Mr. Menjivar  TBA Wed room H1 afterschool 3pm
SendforC Club Mrs. Stewart “Promote independent thinking and self-articulation” Mondays afterschool 3pm H3
SkillsUSA Mr. Kent Kiess/Mr. Andy Lundsberg SkillsUSA improves the quality of America’s skilled workforce through a structured program of citizenship, leadership, employability, technical and professional skills training. SkillsUSA enhances the lives and careers of students, instructors and industry representatives as they strive to be champions at work.  H3
Small Change Club Mrs. Kozhaya * To assist students to participate in school activites by identifying and providing fundraiser oppertunities Thursday at snack ***Board meeting sunday 8am at strabucks Q5 at snack (dont know what day )
Speech and Debate Club Ms. Stewart  TBA  H3
Stay Connected Club Ms. Roldan  TBA Mondays V3 afterschool Saturdays Stay Gallery
Super Smash Brothers Club Mr. Davenport *We offer a place to meet people of the same interest of playing games from the Super Smash Bros Series Thurs. afterschool 2:43-4pm
Team FAT Coach Palmer  TBA  GYM
Teen Connection Ms. Spino *To foster relationships between students with disablities and their typical peers. Wednesdays at lunch S2(both)
Teen Court Ms. Adame and Ms. Farina *to raise awarness on the justice system to teens and provide a real like glimse in the court room by partipating as a juror or an observer Monday’s afterschool in P4
The Vault Mr. Lee *To get members motivated for college by showing them ways to be well rounded scholars Mondays after school L102
Varsity Club Coach English  TBA *Tuesdays and Wednesdays at snack room A205
V.I.S.M Ms. Lords  TBA  P3
Wrestling Club Mr. Brogden  TBA  203