Spring Spirit Week

MONDAYJERSEY DAY:   Don your favorite school or professional athletic jersey. Come in full regalia if you’d like.

TUESDAYTRAFFIC LIGHT DAY: Come dressed to represent your relationship status. Wear green for “single, it’s a go!” red for “stop, I’m taken”….and yellow for “slow your roll, it’s complicated.”

WEDNESDAYFLOWER DAY: It’s Springtime and flowers are in the air. Adorn yourself with a floral lei, put a lapel on your chest pocket or stick a flower in your hair. If you remember the 60’s, wear your favorite peace sign shirt. It’s time to distress, love your neighbor, and send positive vibes.

THURSDAYGREEK LIFE DAY: Time to relive those college years. Preppy with plaid shorts and argyle socks or sporting the Greek alphabet….it all works for Thursday. Let’s celebrate the positive aspects of Greek life in college: networking, community service, social identity and diversity. GO PHI BETA KAPPA!

FRIDAY: BEACH DAY: Don’t let our campus seagulls be the only ones to enjoy the beach! Let’s bring the beach to Warren. Come dressed in flip flops, board shorts and sunglasses. Don’t forget your sunblock and sand bucket.