Student ID’s

Students, do you need an ID (especially before Friday’s football game), I will have special hours of operation to ensure that students are able to get their ID’s before the game!

I will be printing ID’s at the following times:

  • Thursday (8/24): Before School (7:15-7:40AM)
  • Thursday (8/24): Snack (9:47-9:57AM)
  • Friday (8/25): Before School (7:15-7:40AM)
  • Friday (8/25): Snack (9:47-9:57AM)
  • Friday (8/25): After School (2:45-3:30PM)

The ID’s will be printed in the ASB Room.

Starting Tuesday, August 29, our typical hours of operation will be as follows:

  • Tuesdays: Before School (7:15-7:40AM) and After School (2:45-3:30PM)
  • Thursdays: Before School (7:15-7:40AM) and After School (2:45-3:30PM)

Thank you,

Mrs. Miyahara