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Our neighbors next door in Los Angeles Unified School District have been facing some issues that could lead to a teacher strike this week. As we are not a part of Los Angeles Unified, all of our DUSD staff will be welcoming your students everyday regardless of what happens with our neighbors next door.



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Normal Schedule (Tuesday – Friday)
Period 0 6:40am – 7:38am
Period 1 7:45am – 8:42am
Period 2 8:48am – 9:47am
Snack 9:47am – 9:57am
Period 3 10:03am – 11:00am
A Lunch 11:00am – 11:30am
A Period 4 11:36am – 12:33pm
B Period 4 11:06am – 12:03pm
B Lunch 12:03pm – 12:33pm
Period 5 12:39pm – 1:36pm
Period 6 1:46pm – 2:43pm

Late Start Mondays
Period 0 6:40am – 7:28am
PLC Mtg. 7:30am – 8:30am
Period 1 8:36am – 9:24am
Period 2 9:30am – 10:23am
Snack 10:23am – 10:33am
Period 3 10:39am – 11:27am
A Lunch 11:27am – 11:57am
A Period 4 12:03pm – 12:51pm
B Period 4 11:33am – 12:21pm
B Lunch 12:21pm – 12:51pm
Period 5 12:57pm – 1:45pm
Period 6 1:55pm – 2:43pm

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