Action Plan


Ward Elementary School

School-wide Evaluation and Action Plan



The 2012/2013 Challenge:

  • 89.2% of all of our students need to be proficient in ELA
  • 89.5% of all of our students need to be proficient or above in Math


1.      Data Analysis

See attached STAR 2012 Document, AYP document, and API document


2011-2012 CST Findings

 –      2nd Grade had a 16% drop in English Language Arts and a 6% drop in Math.

–      3rd Grade had a 20% gain in English Language Arts and a 3% gain in Math.

–      2nd Grade 53% of English Learners tested Proficient or Advanced in English Language Arts.

–      2nd Grade 75% of English Learners tested Proficient or Advanced in Math.

–      3rd Grade 69% of English Learners tested Proficient or Advanced in English Language Arts.

–      3rd Grade 82% of English Learners tested Proficient or Advanced in Math.

–      Over the last 5 years, Ward has improved 28.2 percentage points in ELA.

–      Over the last 6 years, Ward has shown improvement with good gains of at least 10 percentage points in Math.

–      Met our school-wide AYP Target in ELA and Math for our identified EL Student Subgroup with Safe Harbor               (SH).

–      3rd Grade EL subgroup showed the largest gain, a 30% gain from the previous year, in ELA and a 13% gain in Math

–      2nd Grade EL subgroup dropped 23% in ELA and dropped 5% in Math.

–      Our 2nd grade English Learner, ELA subgroup has been identified as an area of need

–      As to our school, the largest difference observed is between 2nd and 3rd grade EL students’ performance in ELA, as well as all ELA subgroups (see attached STAR Results)

–      Met 14 of the 17 AYP Criteria and met the 2012 API Criteria (858 API)

–      There are 0 FBBs in Math for 3rd Grade

–      Ward Elementary School’s State Rank is an 8.

–      Ward Elementary School’s Similar Schools Rank is a 10.

–      Met school-wide growth target for API.

–      All student groups met API target.

–      One of the Highest API scores in Downey (858)


Have new underperforming students been identified?

Our 2nd grade EL students in the area of ELA are our focus this year.


2.      Intervention Programs 


YRRI funds will be utilized again for the 2012-2013 school year. Students will be selected on data, including DORA data, Running Records, CELDT levels, CST data, and from Data Director.  All students will also be required to take a pre-and post-test assessment if they are in an intervention to determine the

effectiveness of the intervention and whether students continue to need additional intervention or can be phased out.


We will also be using district provided, YRRI money, to fund an

“Interventionist”. This is a certificated teacher who will work four days a week as part of our 1st-3rd grade Guided Reading teaming (Intervention Program) for the first 3 1/2 hours of the day.  The

“Interventionist” will then work specifically with identified 1st graders on reading and math in order to provide the 1st grade with extra intervention during the school day. The focus will continue to be on 1st grade due to the research on targeting the lower grades in order to close the gap early.




We will also be providing intervention to our 1st-3rd graders during the day with both forms of technology during reading teaming.  Every student will have access to Reading Edge, RAZ Kids, Starfall, Hearbuilder, Key Skills, or Study Island based on their need via a laptop or desktop computer. Students will also have access to iPod Touch applications based on student need.  Every 1st-3rd Grade student utilizes technology on a daily basis during reading teaming.


The continued goal this year is to have all of our interventions targeted with a laser like focus based on data.


3.      Parent Involvement/Parent Education


A.     Meetings Allowing for Parental Input

  • School Site Council (SSC)
  • English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)
  • Title I Parent Meetings
  • District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


B.     Family/Community Events

  • Monthly Award Assemblies
  • Parent Information Fair
  • Family Reading Nights (“Spooktacular”, Holiday Story Night, Family Reading Fair)
  • Back To School Night (October)
  • Open House (January)
  • Downey City Library Nights (October)
  • Downey Federal Credit Union Partnership & Assemblies
  • Family Dining Fundraisers


  1. C.                    WPA (Ward Parent Academy)
  • Study Island Parent Ed. for 2nd/3rd Grade
  • 1st Grade Parent Ed. (Math, writing, sight words)-2x per year
  • Kindergarten WPA (math, blending, segmenting)-2x per year
  • Prepare for the CST for 2nd/3rd Grade





D.     Parent Communication

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Connect Ed notices
  • Stickers home on students
  • School Website
  • Marquee
  • All school meetings
  • End of Year Needs Assessment
  • Evaluations at end of all WPA meetings


Continued Involvement Opportunities

Ward Elementary School continues to promote the increase in parent involvement. Parents will be given monthly information through the school monthly newsletters and PTA meetings in which, how they can be actively involved in their child’s education. Parents will also fill out a Volunteer Form where they can provide information regarding when and how they can volunteer and be involved.


Ward will continue to implement “Fun Fridays.” The last Friday of every month students will have an opportunity to dress in a theme (ex. pajama day) and also bring in an item to donate to the PTA HELPS Room.


4.      Professional Development is key to our continued        academic achievement.  PD for the 2012-2013 school year includes:

  • CGI Team (mtgs. throughout year with CGI team members-Patti Flynn, Tawny Burwell, Rose Latimer, Lisa Thomas, Charlotte Rippel and selected 1st Grade Team for PLC with Melissa Canham)
  • Monthly site SIOP meetings with Ward SIOP trained teachers/coaches (Led by Rose Latimer & Charlotte Rippel)
  • CGI Training by District-New CGI Cohort (Kristy Overturf, Terri Negrete, and Cheryl Shellenbergar)
  • Utilizing Kellie Bernd to model/coach Guided Reading
  • Utilizing Kellie Bernd to provide Professional Development with our grade level teams on guided reading, literacy, and running records. (November)
  • Technology Symposiums (Leslie Neill/Marnie Luevano)


2012-2013 Action Plan To Support Subgroups


/Technology (Ipod Touch, Laptops, Programs)

/School-wide focus-“Speaking in Complete Sentences”

/Interactive Read Alouds

/Intervention Teaming in 1st-3rd Grade

/Guided Reading

/Use of Data

/Full Implementation of DORA

/SIOP Strategies

/Continuation of Partner Talk (Think-Pair-Share)

/Continuation of Think time

/Continuation of Charting

/Vocabulary (charting & vocabulary student produced books)

/Have students explain their answers/math reasoning (CGI)

/Sharing Best Practices/PLC Opportunities

/Professional Development

/Essential Standards/Common Assessments

/Math Program (full implementation, including games)

/Grouping for ELD with ELA focus

/Collaboration and Team Work

/Focus on student engagement




/Intervention Guided Reading Teaming (During the school day)

/Targeted instruction for targeted Kinder. & 1st grade EL             Students (Focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, etc.)

/Kindergarten Intervention (beginning in January)

/Study Island (2nd & 3rd grade students)

/3rd Grade Sight Word Buddies (matched with 1st graders)

/1st grade Key Skills, RAZ-Kids










/CARS/STARS (Curriculum Associates)

/Phonics Levels (Curriculum Associates)

/Building Levels of Comprehension (Curriculum Associates)

/Spiral Up Phonics (Benchmark)

/Focus Books (Curriculum Associates)

/Study Island (Web-based program)

/DORA (Computer assessment) All students will take the DORA                  4x per year


/Document Cameras

/Mobile Laptop Cart

/iPod Touch

/Starfall (Web-based program)

/Hearbuilder (Computer Program)

/Key Skills (Computer Program)

/Applications for iPod Touch