Reading Digital Print

I’ve recently spent some time out at some school sites helping students get started on their science projects.  The students seemed to be very comfortable with iPads, but were still lacking some computer skills. I worked with students and showed them how to manage multiple windows. One window was an Internet page and the other was a Word document.  Students were assigned a few web pages to read and then took notes in the graphic organizer in the Word document.  The computer skills were all new skills for them, but they managed well and learned a lot during the process. Reading the digital print was a bit harder for them. They were easily distracted by photos, advertisements and the videos. The teachers and I quickly realized this was an area of need and some more practice reading digital text in the computer lab was a need.  I’m looking forward to helping them find the resources they need to help the students read grade level texts online. If you have any suggestions for websites, please send me an email. Thanks.