Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to the DUSD-TTC Blog!

This is our first post and I should say it is also my first blog post. I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and thought it was time to jump in. The past few months I’ve been listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and following a group of educators on Twitter. I’ve learned so much and have discovered lots of new resources. I’ve read several blogs recently. These blogs consist of just random thoughts, teacher insights, teacher opinions, and teachers who just want to share with parents what is happening in the classroom. In this blog, I plan to post items that you might find useful in the classroom or to help you as a teacher. So to start, I would like to suggest listening to some podcasts. You can do this almost any where. You can download them to your phone, iPad or even listen to them on your computer.  Here are two that I suggest to get started with Edu All-Stars and Techlandia.

One of the podcasts that inspired to get me started was Session 8 with Amber Teamann on Edu All-Stars. When you get a chance, listen and see what you think.