Frequently Asked Questions

 TLC Family Resource CenterTLC Referral Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can make a TLC Referral?

Any DUSD staff member (administrator signature is required on all referrals).

2. Is it ok to have a parent call TLC directly without an actual TLC referral submission?

Yes, however this is not recommended if the school site would like a report back from TLC
(the follow up report is often a very useful tool for the school).

3. Can I call TLC to request support services for a family without completing a referral?

No, all official referrals must be completed and signed by an administrator.

4. Where can I find a TLC Referral?

On the TLC website and DUSD web site under forms.

5. Can I e-mail the referral?

Yes, if you have access to a scanner (the referral must be signed by an administrator).

6. Must I make the parent aware that a referral will be submitted?

It is highly recommended that the parent is made aware that TLC will be contacting them; otherwise, it’s difficult for them to trust the call.

7. What if the student has or does not have health insurance?

TLC staff will screen for eligibility (financial and health benefits status) then provide the appropriate support, either at TLC (if they qualify) or they will be referred to a local agency.

8. Can I give the referral to the parent to take to TLC?


9.  Will the parent be told what has been written on the referral?

The TLC Referral Form is confidential.  However, the information may be shared with other appropriate DUSD staff.

10. What is the length of time it takes for TLC to process a referral?

Approximately 1 week, depending on parent contact/availability.