SMS Student Earns Engineering Internship at CSULB!

DannaA note from her teacher, Ms. Sun:  There are some chances in our lives that pass by as fleeting moments, and if we are not vigilant, determined, and unwavering, they disappear like dreams.  Danna Gonzalez, a 7th grader at Sussman Middle School, is a student who took full advantage of a moment in her life and found success through her drive, ambition, and outstanding persona.  Sussman Middle School is delighted to announce Danna’s acceptance into the Cal State Long Beach Engineering Girls Internship.  Danna seemed, on paper, similar to other applicants- stellar grades, school involvement, and impressive standardized test scores, but her wonderful personality, charming charisma, and mature professionalism gave her the edge she needed to set her apart.  Cal State Long Beach selected a mere 12 students for this prestigious program and acknowledged that Danna’s demeanor and genuine interview responses along with her thoughtfully written essay set her apart from other candidates.  Sussman’s pride in Danna’s acceptance and elation of her entry into this impressive internship cannot be more immense.  Congratulations to Danna Gonzalez!