Assembly Procedures

West Middle School students are expected to attend indoor and outdoor assemblies displaying appropriate, orderly, respectful attentive behavior. When a student participates in behavior that causes a major disruption, the following negative consequences will be used:

1. The teacher will complete a referral to the office for counseling, parent notification, and the assignment of administrative detention.

2. Loss of privileges.

3. Major violation- a major disruption of a campus activity that endangers students and/or staff will result in parent notification and suspension from one to five days.

Snack and Lunch Procedures

A 13-minute snack period is provided every morning.  You may bring a snack from home or purchase something at the snack shack or carts.  All food must remain in the quad (within the yellow lines) during snack and lunch.  No food permitted in P.E. area or hallways at any time. Food is also not allowed in the classrooms unless given permission by the teacher.  Students have a 30-minute lunch period each school day.  Complete tray lunches may be purchased in the cafeteria.  A wide variety of snack items are sold at the snack shack and carts.  Students may bring sack lunches from home.

Students have four minutes at the beginning of snack and lunch periods to clear the halls.

Students must leave for class immediately when the bell rings. Students not doing so may be issued campus clean up or a Saturday School.

The hallways and front restrooms are closed during snack and lunch. Students may use the library, go to an assigned classroom with permission, use the basketball courts (must bring own ball), or use the field to play soccer or touch football (football and soccer balls must be checked out).

Students who prove disruptive during lunch may be assigned to the lunch exclusion program.