Physical Education

Students are expected to dress out and participate in P.E. class every day.

West P.E. apparel may be purchased from the Physical Education teachers in the locker room. The uniform is as follows:

Apparel Cost
Gray Spartan T-Shirt $15.00
Black Spartan Shorts $15.00
Athletic Sock
Athletic Shoes
Long Sleeve Shirts $20.00
Sweatshirts $20.00
Sweat Pants $20.00
If you are getting over an illness or an injury and need to be excused from P.E. participation for a day, you must bring a note from your parent. A Doctor’s note is required for a P.E. excuse longer than two days.  Students, who are excused from P.E., must report to class, dress and observe under the teacher’s supervision. Students who do not bring their PE clothing are considered non-suits. Non-suits are required to participate, will lose points towards a final grade, and may be issued a Saturday School every third time.

P.E. Lockers

Each student is assigned a locker in the gym for P.E.  Students need to purchase a lock for their lockers. V62 Master Brand locks are required so that we have access to the keys in the event they need to be unlocked and may be purchased from the school office for $5.00.  Students are responsible for the contents of their locker.  Never let others know your lock combinations and do not share a locker unless given permission to do so.  All locker problems should be reported to the teacher.  If the problem is not resolved, you should then immediately report to the vice principal.

Lockers are provided as a service to students.  The school is not responsible for the theft or vandalism of school or personal items stored in the lockers.  If students leave their lockers unlocked, they may receive a detention.