Dress Code Policy

Dress code

In order to maintain a safe and orderly campus and protect the learning environment the following items are prohibited:
1.   Oversized or excessively baggy clothing or accessories.
•    Shirts may not extend beyond the arms while resting on the side.
•    Shorts and pants must fit properly around the waist and legs.
•    Shorts may not extend beyond the kneecap.
•    Earrings which are larger than a quarter may not be worn on campus.
2.    Tight or revealing clothing.
•    Shirts cannot be low cut, see-through, or expose midriff or underwear are prohibited.
•    Tops cannot be strapless or off the shoulder (as an example tank tops and halter tops are not allowed)
•    No cutoff, torn, or patched clothing.
•    Shorts or skirts must be mid-thigh or lower.
3.    Clothing, style, or accessories that are obscene, offensive, or disruptive including, but not limited to the following:
•    Symbols, signs, slogans, drawings, or works that degrade any gender, cultural, religious, or ethnic group.
•    Any language or symbols oriented towards violence, vandalism, weapons, sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
•    Unnatural hair style or color.
4.    Clothing, accessories, or apparel that may be considered unsafe, unhealthy, or dangerous.
•    Any combination of clothing which law enforcement considers gang related.
•    Belt buckles that are oversized or have punched out letters.
•    Backless or open toed shoes, including sandals and flip flops. Heels must be covered.
•    Combat boots are prohibited.
•    Piercings others than the ear lobe are prohibited. In addition, ear plugs and spacers are prohibited.
•    Hairnets, bandanas, or hats that are not West Middle School (including hoods) are not allowed.
•    Chains, wallets or spiked clothing or accessories, are not allowed on campus.

Violation of the dress code carries the following consequences:

First Violation- The clothing or item may be confiscated. The student may be asked to change into PE clothing or loaners if applicable. Confiscated items must picked up by the student’s parent or guardian.

Second Violation- In addition to the consequences outlined with the first violation, the student will be assigned a two hour detention and the parent will be notified.

Third Violation- The student may be suspended and the parent will be notified.

Students participating in school related ceremonies are required to follow the dress code. In addition, the following items are prohibited:
“Group Attire”
Strapless Dresses
Unless previous arrangements have been made, we also ask that West Middle School students honor the dress code on school field trips.