Discipline Policy

Student Discipline

Our goal at West Middle School is to provide a safe and orderly environment where teachers are free to teach and students are able to learn through a fair and consistently applied student discipline program. Individual classroom rules and expectations will be explained to students at the beginning of the school year. The following rules and consequences will be applied campus wide.

1. Fighting, intimidation (as a group or individual), bullying; physical, verbal or sexual harassment, excessive horseplay, including “play fighting” will not be tolerated. Any such incident occurring to and from school falls under the school’s jurisdiction. Students are encouraged to report any such incident to the administration immediately. It is also important to note that students encouraging these incidences may also be held responsible. Students violating this policy are subject to suspension, citations, social adjustment to a different campus, and/or expulsion.

2. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Students taking or giving answers from or to another student or plagiarizing will be suspended and earn a “4” in citizenship for the semester.

3. When the school day is over students must leave the campus immediately. Students waiting for rides may do so in the front of the campus. Students may not leave and return to campus or go to another school campus without permission. Students violating this policy are subject to suspension.

4. Running is not allowed in the hallways or quad at any time. Students violating this policy are subject to detention.

5. Profanity is not allowed on campus. Students using vulgar or profane language will be assigned a Saturday School or may be suspended.

6. Gum is not allowed on campus at any time. Students with gum will be referred to the office and be issued a two hour detention.

7. Cell phones must be off and put away at all times (in backpack or purse). Cell phones that are on or in view will be confiscated and sent to the office. Student cameras are not allowed on campus at any time.  Parents may pick up the cell phone or camera by appointment only and the student will be issued a two hour detention. Repeated violators may be suspended.

8.  Students may not “hang out” in the hallways during passing period. In addition, students are to report to the quad immediately upon entering the campus prior to the 7:45 bell. Students with three tardies to any period will be assigned a Saturday School.

Positive Consequences

The following may occur when students choose to abide by school and/or classroom rules:

1. Student of the Month Awards;

2. Most Improved Student Awards;

3. Positive Referrals;

4. Attendance Awards;

5. Newsletter articles commending students;

6. Principal’s Honor Roll for students with a 3.5 GPA and higher.  All parents of these students receive a letter from the Principal.  In addition, parents of 4.0 students receive a bumper sticker.

Classroom Disruption: Failure to Follow Rules

Teachers have the authority to develop rules for their individual classrooms.  Classroom rules are designed to maximize learning and need to be obeyed by each student.  Teachers will contact parents if student behavior is not acceptable.

MINOR VIOLATION-Teacher and parent will conference and/or teacher detention assigned in writing at least 24 hours before the date to be served.  In some cases the teacher may assign trash pickup around campus during snack or lunch.

REPEATED OR MAJOR VIOLATION-Referral to the Counselor or Vice Principal with parent notification and conference, multiple administrative detentions, Saturday detention, or off campus suspension.

Disrespect, Defiance of Authority, Poor substitute behavior

Any student who is discourteous, impolite or rude to a staff member is guilty of disrespect.  Defiance is a refusal to follow a staff member’s direction. It is also important to note that disruptive or disrespectful behavior for a substitute teacher will not be tolerated.

MINOR VIOLATION-Teacher and parent conference, and/or detention.

REPEATED, MAJOR VIOLATION. OR POOR SUBSTITUTE BEHAVIOR-Referral to the Vice Principal or Counselor for a parent conference with multiple hours of administrative detention, Saturday detention or off campus suspension for 1 to 5 days.

FAILURE TO SERVE DETENTION- The following may occur:

1. Teacher Detention: Detention doubled and parent contact for first offense.  Subsequent no show: suspension.

2.  6th grade homework detention has a unique policy which is specifically outlined in a contract which signed by parent and student.

2. Administrative detention or lunch exclusion, unexcused “no show”: Suspension for one to three days.

3. Repeated violation, off campus suspension from one to five days.