G.A.T.E. (Gifted and Talented Education)

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The Gifted Program here at West has many components.  The most important of which is the classroom instruction.  Our cluster teachers have been certified in differentiating the core curriculum to attend to the special needs of gifted students.  They provide excellent in depth learning opportunities that are process based not product based.  Students learn more from these interactions and discussions with each other and are able to stretch themselves to exceed.

Another component of the GATE program is our Enriching Experiences. These experiences take us out into the world to experience and question work of experts in their fields. Some examples include:  visiting the space shuttle at the Science Museum, going to Huntington Library, etc.

The students also have the opportunity to explore some extra curricular topics through the Wednesday Workshops.  Due to the parent budget results, we will not be offering many Wednesday workshops this year.

Students also participate in visiting our local university campus. We have a rotation set up so that after three years, most students have seen at least one Cal State school, one UC school and one other school. Dream Big!

West GATE Parents are super involved.  They not only represent our interests on the school site council and PTA but they have participated in classroom learning.  They share their expertise when appropriate. We have a teacher/parent lending library in our office that was set up by one of our parents so that books and research materials that are specific to their students needs are available.

Overall, we enjoy seeing so many of our students move beyond the classroom to be well rounded and have a balance so they can succeed in their electives (Band, West TV, Journalism) and their sports teams (Volleyball, Track, Baseball) as well as campus clubs (Chess Team, Builders Club).

West is the Best for GATE students, too!

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