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We offer Skills for Life in this Foods/Life Skills class.  Students are taught the basic principles they will need to become confident in selecting, handling, and preparing food as well as being able to make life long healthy choices for wellness.  Students will learn information about nutrition, food production and culinary techniques that will improve their skills in the kitchen.  They will gain a greater understanding of the current troubling health trends – rapidly rising rates of obesity and diabetes in both adults and children in our country as well as increased rates of heart disease and chronic disease in adults.

Through a combination of pragmatic instruction and demonstrations, this curriculum aims to transform meal preparation from an intimidating chore into a manageable, enjoyable and rewarding pursuit.  Our goal is to teach how to prepare food that is quick, nutritious and tasty.  The importance of subjects such as math, science, economics, English and physical fitness are incorporated into our learning experiences in class. Our mission is to dispel the myth that cooking takes too much time or skill and that nutritious food cannot also be delicious.