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Middle School Helpful Hints

Middle School Hints

Information for Parents/ Guardians on the series “13 Reasons Why”

Here are some resources for Parents and guardians on the series “13 Reasons Why.”


Netflix “13 Reasons Why” Resources    

American School Counselor Association “13 Reasons Why” Resources

Coalition to Support Grieving Students

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

The National Center for Victims of Crime

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Students’ personal struggles often come to light when triggered by a tragic event, uncomfortable experience or viewing/hearing a form of media (television show, film, music, etc.) that touches on sensitive topics. It’s important for peers, families and school staff to be on the lookout for warning signs that indicate a student needs support:


  • changes in school performance (e.g. grades, attendance)
  • changes in mood
  • increased disciplinary problems at school
  • complaints of illness
  • problems experienced at home or family situations (stress, trauma, divorce, substance abuse, poverty, domestic violence)
  • communication from teachers about problems at school
  • withdrawal
  • difficulty dealing with existing mental health concerns


To begin the discussion with your child if you decide to watch the series, here are some sample conversations starters you can present Additional conversation starters can be found in the “13 Reasons Why” discussion guide at

  • What do you think about what happened in this episode?
  • Do you think the characters in the show are behaving in ways that are similar to people you know? How so? How are they different?
  • Did parts of the story make you think about how people who are struggling do not show the full picture of what they are dealing with to others?
  • What did you learn about “so-and-so character’s” situation from this episode? For example, what did you learn about what happened to Jessica and sexual assault?
  • How does what you have seen change how you view some things that happen in real life?
  • Do you think the adults did anything wrong? What could they have done better?



Presentation for Parents and Guardians on Student Success


Sample Timeline for Success when a Student is Struggling


Monday – Friday:
7:00am- Homework help (verify by emailing the teacher in the classroom)
7:45am-12pm: Classes
12pm: Lunch help to answer questions (verify by emailing the teacher in the classroom or calling the office)
12:30-2:30pm: Classes
2:30pm: After school help (verify by emailing the teacher)
3:30pm: home and a snack
3:45pm: Math work in a designated area free from distractions where you can watch and help
4:40pm: Break
4:45pm: Social Studies work
5:40pm: Dinner
6:15pm: Science work
7:10pm: Break
7:15pm: English work
8:15pm: reading for fun

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