Recycle Club

Advisor(s) Room Email Ext.
Clark, Kat 26 4626

In our fourth year of recycling, Stauffer Middle school has been diligent about collecting all cans, bottles and cardboard on campus. By filling the large bins behind Mrs. Clark’s room, recyclers have contributed to raising over $1200. in the first year of collection efforts.  Much of the initial funds have been spent outfitting the common areas of campus and classrooms with collection bins that we hope will promote recycling.  Plans for future funds include supplementing our Food classes with healthy ingredients from our very own Stauffer vegetable garden, currently in the design phase. Eating from Farm to table is one of the healthy learning objectives of our Foods program here as Spartans.

Green Buck Incentive Program

Collections from home are also encouraged here at Stauffer.  Students have the opportunity to bring in grocery bags full of plastic bottles and cans in exchange for Green Bucks, a buck for a bag is our motto. All bags can be brought to room 26 after 7:30 every morning. Green bucks can be used to purchase items from our Recycle Incentive shop; including Food’s famous Birthday cupcakes, tickets to on campus events, t-shirts, bags, and crafts made from the recycle club.

An opportunity to join the recycling club is available to all Stauffer students. Becoming part of the Green Team means you are committed to being a responsible, productive citizen with an increased awareness of the earth’s limited resources. Each Green team member learns how people can make a concerted effort to reduce what they use, reuse whenever possible and recycle as much as they can. Future endeavors of the Recycling club include Terracycling, Lunchtime recycling and organizing a free  E-waste drive for our local community.

Remember we can only accept donations of plastic beverage containers that contain a CRV (Calif. Redemption Value) logo and aluminum cans.

If you have any questions about the Recycle club or program, please email Mrs. Clark at