Academic Policy


Middle school students should expect to spend approximately one hour each night on homework.  To organize your homework, use the Spartan Student Guide to record homework, upcoming tests, project due dates, etc. And keep the Guide in your three-ring binder.  If you finish your homework in less than an hour, spend the remaining time on outside reading, studying for an upcoming quiz or test, or completing a long term project or report.  Many of our teachers place their assignments on Q and/or  Please check these websites regularly to keep up to date with assignments and to communicate with teachers.

Makeup Work

Following an excused absence, a student has the same number of days, as he/she was absent to make up the work.  Students are responsible for all class work missed due to school activities, i.e. field trips, programs, club activities, etc. Make up work for suspended students is at the discretion of the teacher.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

A report cards or progress report will be issued to students every six weeks.  A letter grade (A,B,C,D,F) is given for academic and elective classes.  Exploratory and Physical Education classes are graded Excellent, Satisfactory, or Need Improvement (E,S,N).  The need for improvement in behavior, attendance, and assignments is also noted with number comments.  Report cards will be given to students approximately one week after each reporting period.  Report cards at the end of the school year will be mailed home.

Letters regarding poor scholarship or attendance are regularly mailed home as well as letters commending excellent scholarship and attendance.

Academic Excellence

At West Middle School we reward and praise our students with academic achievement and behavior in various ways.  In order to honor and recognize students with academic excellence, West has three levels of distinction.  ONLY SEMESTER GRADES ARE USED FOR THESE AWARDS.

First Level of Distinction: Renaissance students must have a 3.0 or higher grade point average (GPA).  No D’s, F’s, N’s or U’s and no 4 or 5’s in citizenship.

Second Level of Distinction: Honor Roll students must have a 3.5 or higher grade point average (GPA).  No D’s or F’s, N’s or U’s and no 4 or 5’s citizenship.

Third and Highest Level of Distinction: Scholarship Students must have 10 points in their four core classes (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science) with 3 points for an A and 1 point for a B.  They may not have any D’s, F’s, N’s or U’s and no 4 or 5’s in citizenship.

All students will be honored each semester.

Promotion to the Next Grade

Every student must earn his or her promotion to the next grade with satisfactory behavior as well as grades. More than two failures could mean non-promotion to the next grade.

For the eighth graders, this means non-participation in all the promotion activities, i.e. the promotion assembly, the eighth grade dance and picnic, and the class field trip.

Withdrawal from School

If you are transferring from West Middle School to another school, bring a note from your parent on the last day of your attendance.  You will be given a check out sheet to be signed by all of your teachers and the librarian.  You will need to turn in all textbooks and any library books you have checked out of the library.  When this sheet is completed, the office will prepare a transfer for you to take to your new school.