Robert Kaplinsky

Robert Kaplinsky

Area of Focus: Secondary Math
Twitter: @robertkaplinsky

Robert Kaplinsky has worked in education since 2003 as a classroom teacher, district math teacher specialist, and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) instructor. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics / Applied Science (Computer Science) in 2000 and earned his Masters of Education in 2005.

He has presented and conducted professional development across the United States and Canada. His work has been published by Education Week (2012 | 2015 | 2016) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA). He has consulted for major publishers including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson. Robert is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), California Mathematics Council (CMC), Orange County Math Council (OCMC), and Greater Los Angeles Mathematics Council (GLAMC). He also co-founded the Southern California Math Teacher Specialist Network, a group that includes over 170 math teacher specialists from more than 5 counties.

Prior to working in education Robert worked as a website programmer for several years, building websites for companies such as Virgin Records, SeaWorld, and Budweiser.

In 2011, Robert was awarded the Downey Unified School District (DUSD) Superintendent’s Vision Award in the area of Student Achievement and in 2007 he won Raytheon MathMovesU Math Hero Award. He is currently working as Teacher Specialist in Mathematics in DUSD.