National PTA Reflections Program

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2017/2018 Reflection Theme

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Materials For Running Your Reflection Program

Beginning Your Units Reflection Program

Helpful materials for your school’s PTA Reflection Chair and their committee are:

Beginning Steps to take:

  1. Choose a turn-in date for your Unit. Make sure your date gives enough time to do the judging. A week or two before Council’s date is a good guideline.
  2. Post fliers around the school announcing this years Reflection Theme “The world would be a better place if…”.
  3. Unit Participation Form
  4. Try to get your school’s teachers involved
  5. Have copies of the rules available for students who are interested in participating. Interested students need to know both the “General/Participation Rules” and their specific category rules.
  1. Each entry must have an “Entry Form” attached to it. A “Title” and a “Statement” for each entry is required information.
  2. If an entry has other students involved that can be identified, the student needs to also have completed Consent forms for each participant.
  3. Try to keep the Reflections program active by submitting (or doing) student announcements and/or reposting fliers. You might also want to plan after school workshops.
  4. Make sure you have a plan on how to collect your entries.

Once you have collected all entries from your school’s students, you will need to judge them to find one entry per division to pass up to the Council level on or before November 12th. Following are materials that may be helpful:

May every school have a wonderful Reflections turnout!