Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commission in Downey Unified School District is a three-member body made up of individuals who are appointed, each by a different method.

One member of the Personnel Commission is appointed by the Board of Education; one member by the employee union with the largest number of members; and the third member is appointed jointly by the other two.

The Personnel Commission is the core of the Merit System. It is an independent body within the school district. The commission is endowed with the responsibility for overseeing the administration of the merit system. The commission has rule making authority for the specifics of classified employment as set forth in the California Education Code.

Serving at the direction of the Personnel Commission, the Director, Classified Human Resources, BethAnn Arko, also serves as secretary to the commission.

What is a Merit System?

It is a structured personnel system for classified (non-teaching) personnel.  The personnel operation in a merit system school district is governed by the laws contained in the California Education Code.  The body which assures the proper administration of the merit system is the Personnel Commission.

There are several principles upon which the merit system is based.  Those which apply directly to classified employee recruitment and selection activities of the district are:

  • employment and promotion on the basis of merit as shown by competitive examination,
  • ensuring like pay for like service,
  • prohibition of discrimination in employment, and
  • encouragement of career service.

In addition, the merit system provides impartial hearing of appeals from disciplinary actions by an independent body whose decision is binding upon the Board of Education.

The Personnel Commission members are:

Chair, Dianne Lumsdaine

Appointed jointly by two commissioners

Vice Chair, John Kennedy

Appointed by the Board of Education

Member, Angie Rademaker

Appointed by the employee union

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