School Profile

Old River School is located in the city of Downey. It is one of twenty schools in the Downey Unified school District. Enrollment at the school is approximately 710 students in grades 4 and 5. Both Title 1 and ELD programs are available to assist students. In addition, our school has a Resource Specialist Program and three Special Day Classes to serve students with special needs. A school-wide intervention program is provided during the day in the areas of reading and math that utilize the resource specialists, Title 1/ELD resource teacher and two interventionists. Targeted intervention is also available after school in language arts and math. The average instructional day at Old River is 320 minutes. There are 180 instructional days in the school year, which includes six minimum days (four of which are parent conference days).

School demographic characteristics document that 25% of students are English Learners with most English Learner (EL) students speaking Spanish as their primary language. Seventy-seven percent of students participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. The student body is 87% Hispanic or Latino and 7% white (not of Hispanic origin) with African American, Asian and Filipino students comprising the remaining 6%.

The staff at Old River School is very proud of its use of technology to enhance and enrich the curriculum. The onsite media center is home to a technology lab consisting of 36 iMac computers, a centralized broadcast system and the school library. Our computer lab is also a makerspace for student use at recess. Each classroom has access to the broadcast system and Internet. In addition, both grade levels are part of the 21 CLC technology initiative which provides iPads for students to use in the classroom daily. Each teacher has a laptop computer to use for grades, data analysis, and to support instruction throughout the day. Document cameras, projectors, teacher iPads, Apple TVs  and voice amplification systems enhance instruction in every classroom.

Old River School students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities including Character Council, Gator Glee, Gator Tech Squad, Guitar Club, Art Club, Mary Stauffer Robotics club, Wonder Women, Super Men, Carnival of Champions and GATE Enrichment.