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Love My Lunch Lady

LL flying through air CopyrightArticle by: Miles Hirata, Nutrition Intern
Edit by: Lily Ivanov, RD

During each school day, cafeteria staff all over the nation work tirelessly to serve students fresh, healthy, and delicious meals.  Because of their hard work, dedication, and intense labor of love, an entire day known as School Lunch Hero Day on the first Friday in May was established.  This day, celebrated annually since 2013, was designated by The School Nutrition Association and Jarrett Krosoczka, author of the “Lunch Lady” graphic novel series.  School Lunch Hero Day provides an opportunity for parents, students, school staff and communities to thank those who provide healthy meals to 30 million of America’s students each school day.

Today, May 1st 2015,  we honor our heroes behind the curtains who put a smile on our face, warmth in our belly, and make the school day brighter.  In Downey Unified, we had several schools that created poems and videos expressing their appreciation and love for their “Lunch Lady”.  To all Downey Unifed “Lunch Heroes”, you are deeply appreciated and we thank you immensely for all that you do!

We would like to recognize and send our gratitude to the following teachers and their students for nominating their “Lunch Hero” for the “I love my lunch lady” contest:

Teacher School
Susie Christensen Old River Elementary Sally Goodwin
Leilani Kim Price Elementary Hilda Duron
Nicolle Carter Rio Hondo Elementary Lali Chaudhry
Sheri Litherland Rio San Gabriel Elementary Cheryl Cook
Krystle Parmenter Unsworth Elementary Kimberly McLeroy
Kathy Pocklington Ward Elementary Cheryl Hedden
Kat Clark Stauffer Middle Priscilla Ayala
Chad Arnold Sussman Middle Felicia Henley

Below are poems and videos from Price Elementary, Ward Elementary, Unsworth Elementary, Stauffer Middle School and Sussman Middle School for the “I love my Lunch Lady” contest sponsor by the The School Nutrition Association:

Get the details about School Lunch Hero Day at
Check out Jarrett Krosoczka’s overview of School Lunch Hero Day and his TED talk video below:

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