The ART DESIGN class focuses a great deal on art production and the communication of ideas.  The major mediums that we will be working with are DRAWING, PAINTING and 3-D DESIGN.

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Computer Literacy

Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of using a computer.  Students will learn Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).  Students will also be introduced to programming using either Scratch®or html.  Students will learn about the history of computers, terminology, and Ethics.  We will use the internet to research and build upon our learning experience.  We will discuss Social Networking, cyber-bullying and a student’s responsibility to keep their information private.  We will also spend six weeks on digital photography.  Students work will be posted online for parents and the community to view.  Our goal is to prepare students for high school and the rigor of technology and learning.

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Yearbook/ Journalism

The Griffiths Newspaper is a student-created publication that features current and past stories, photos, and recaps of the many different happenings at GMS.

The Griffiths Yearbook is a student-created, award-winning book full of ALL the memories from the past year.

Video Production

Creates a relevant morning show that provides information and entertainment to the students and staff of Griffiths Middle Schoool. We call if Good Morning Griffiths.