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English Department Class Website
Tyson Bohlinger 8th, American Literature  
Payama Tiffany 6th, AVID  
Emily Cassayre 6th  
Charmetra Chatmon 8th, Yearbook/Journalism Yes
Jenice Clarke 6th, Rdg Support 7, AVID  
Jon Cockrill 7th  
Doug Elizondo  8th, 6th
Dulce Franco ELD 7th, 8th  
Neil Gonzalez 7th
Kathy Nicassio 6th, ELD, Title 1 Coordinator
Jayson Quimby 8th, ELD
Julie Romero 6th, AVID  
Sarah Stayer-Clarke 6th, ELD
Jeanetta Wolfe English 7, AVID, Creative Writing Yes
Jessica Worthy 7th  



Math Department  Class Website
Eric Berchtold 6th, ICS 7/8 Yes
Nathan Charlton 7th   
Kristy Gonzalez 6th
Jennifer Legg 7th   
Daniel Martinez 6th, 7th   
Tim McDermott 8th   
Melissa Minnix 6th  
Joseph Ortiz 8th  
Steven Partnoff  7th, 8th



Science Department  Class Website
Randee Bolt-Chambers 6th Yes
Dulce Diazibarra 7th
Matthew Orique 6th, 7th   
Kellie Russell 7th, 8th   
James Shull
Natalie Soto 8th Yes
Jessenia Vargas-Aguilar 7th, 8th  


Social Studies Department  Class Website
Deanne Davis 6th  
 Kristi Greenlee 8th, Exploratory  Yes
Ed Lozano 6th, 7th   
Greg McCurry 7th, 8th   
Karen McDermott 7th, 8th  Yes
Mark Roberts 7th   
Scott Schreiner 7th, 8th Yes


SPED Department  Class Website
Tomas Contreras 6th, 7th, 8th SDC  
Daniel Farina 6th RSP  
Shelly Bland-Reisch Basic Skills  
Jacob Houts  SDC
Danielle Krimbow  
Iris Mata 7th RSP  
Lori Santillana 8th RSP  
Alicia Tunberg-Petler 6th, 7th, 8th SDC Science  


VPPA  Class Website
Jennifer Bliss  Library Yes
Jessica McNeil Drama  
Mark Nolen Gen-Yes  
Ed Plant Art, Video Prod, Green Arch, ASB Yes
Laura Taylor Music  
Jessica Worthy Gateway to Tech, PLTW


PE Department  Class Website
Billie Gayer   Yes 
Jo Hultquist   Yes 
Steve Mann   Yes 
Luis Oregel   Yes 
Krystal Lee   Yes