Reporting Absences


How to report an absence:

Student absences must be cleared with the attendance office on the day of the absence or immediately upon the students return to school. Absences can be cleared with a parent/guardian written excuse, a doctor’s note, a voicemail on the school attendance line, or by speaking directly to any office staff. The school attendance line can be reached by calling the school at (562) 904-3580 and pressing 2, or extension 4275. You will be taken directly to the attendance line. Please leave your student’s full name, grade, reason for absence, and ID number or date of birth. Failure to clear absences will result in your student being assigned mandatory Saturday School.




Students are allowed three (3) excused tardies per semester. If a student has excessive tardies, he or she will be assigned mandatory detention after school on Wednesday’s from 1:00p – 2:00p in the Quad.