Student Policies

Parents/Students can find information on the District’s Student-Parent Handbook and the District website under the Parent Resources tab.

Students’ Rights

  • Students, within legal constraints, may exercise their constitutionally protected rights of free speech, expression, and assembly so long as they do not interfere with operation of the regular school program or violate the discipline policy.
  • Students have the right to fair, consistent, and respectful treatment by staff members and by other students.
  • Students have the right to due process.  When a student is referred for disciplinary action, the student has the opportunity to offer his/her version of the incident to school authorities.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students have the responsibility to maintain regular school  attendance, to make a conscientious effort in classroom work, and to adhere to school rules and regulations.
  • Students share with the Downey High School staff a responsibility for developing a climate within the school that is conductive to learning.  No student has the right to disrupt the education of fellow students.
  • Students have the responsibility to respect rights of fellow  students, teachers, administrators, and all others who are involved in the  educational process.
  • Each person is entitled to respect regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, or disability.
  • Students have the responsibility to attend class with all required materials, to be prepared to work, and to stay on task for the entire class period.
  • Students shall demonstrate honest and responsible citizenship at all times.

These responsibilities apply at school, to or from school, and at any school activity.

Rules of Conduct

All staff, students and parents must understand expected student conduct and consequences for unacceptable behavior.  Students accumulating 20 days of suspension in one year will result in a referral for expulsion from the district.

  • Students who refuse to cooperate with members of school staff are subject to disciplinary action.  This applies to both the regular school day and extra-curricular activities.
  • Students who use profanity, vulgarities, and/or harassment of any type will result in disciplinary action.
  • Fighting on the school campus, at school activities, or on the way to or from school will result in suspension, possible citation, possible placement to another school, and/or expulsion from the district.
  • In cases where student misbehavior disrupts the educational process, the teacher may suspend the student from the class meeting. Parents will be contacted to request a parent/teacher conference.
  • Theft of or damage to school or individual property may result in suspension, police arrest, and/or expulsion from district.
  • Cheating/Plagiarism is a serious offense.  See procedures #19 for school wide policy and consequences.

Closed Campus

Downey High School is a closed campus.  To obtain an off-campus pass, students must report to the attendance office prior to 7:45 AM with a note from parent or guardian stating the reason for early dismissal.  The attendance office, prior to releasing the student for off-campus passes, will verify the doctor or dentist appointment, important personal business and requests.  Students found off campus without an appropriate pass or clearance are truant.

The Downey City Council has adopted an ordinance designed to curb school truancy.  Effective May 9, 1996, students who appear in public places between the hours of 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM without an acceptable excuse when they should be in school will receive a truancy citation from law enforcement officers.