Local Scholarship

Many Downey organizations and businesses award scholarships to Downey students. The amounts range from $50 to $2,000. They all have different requirements and can be based on GPA, financial need, college major, career choice, etc. There are scholarships for students going to 4-year colleges/universities and to 2-year community colleges. There are also some awards for vocational students. This is NOT an application for the Stauffer Community College Scholarship. That is a separate application that will be offered in the spring.

** PLEASE NOTE: The Local Scholarship Application MUST be completed electronically. No printed copies of the application itself will be accepted **

Application Instructions

Application process will open November 1, 2019

Application Due: January 24, 2020 by 4 pm.

  1. Visit the Local Scholarship Application Website
  2. https://localscholarshiponline.dusd.net
  3. Register by creating your username and password
  4. Fill in all fields of the online application
  5. Make sure to click SAVE Application buttons AS YOU GO in each section.
  6. Fill in the fields for your resume (if you are having trouble, there is a sample scholarship resume on this website)
  7. Make sure you type your essay on a Word document.  Copy and Paste your 500 word essay from 1 of the 4 essay topics (chose only 1)
  8. Have your parent/guardian electronically sign their name, SAVE, then click Submit.
  9. Print the Application for your records.

View Detailed Instructions for the Web Application

Local Scholarship Video Link

Resume Instructions

Write or type a brief, one page, personal resume from ninth grade to present. Include information about interests and activities such as: (1) school organizations/clubs to which you belong, sports, service, honors/awards (2) community organizations, services (3) church activities (4) work experience ( 5) talents, special interests, or hobbies. Complete all fields in the resume section of the application. Use your written or typed resume to help you complete the resume section in the online application.

View Sample Resume
Scholarship Interview Workshop Info

Essay Instructions

Your name and ID# should appear on the essay paper.

TYPE A ONE-PAGE ESSAY of not more than 500 words on any one of the following:

  1. List 3 specific high school experiences and explain how they have contributed to personal growth.
  2. My future plans and future expectations.
  3. How financial aid would be beneficial in my college plans.
  4. Why do you wish to enter the teaching profession? (If your career goal is to be a teacher/educator, please write on this topic)

While evidences of originality cannot help but enhance your essay, major consideration will be given to the sincerity and aptness with which you develop the topic. This is not an essay contest, but it is a careful effort to determine the best-qualified applicant. All other factors being equal, the best essay could well determine your selection. Keep in mind that the committee is hoping to select a person with sincere determination to benefit from a college education. Try to let your sincerity of purpose shine through in your essay.


By submitting the application, you will be considered for the following scholarships:

  • 24 Hour Real Estate Scholarship
  • Adrian De Vicente Memorial Scholarship
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarship
  • American Youth Soccer Organization-AYSO
  • Assistance League of Downey
  • California Credit Union
  • California State PTA
  • Calmet Services
  • CareMore Scholarship
  • Cartozian Associates
  • Craig Bertsch Ed.D Memorial Scholarship
  • Cuban American Teachers Association
  • Debra & Eric Ellsworth CTE Automotive Scholarship
  • Delta Kappa Gamma
  • DHS Football Boosters Scholarship
  • Dodi Soza memorial Scholarship
  • Doty Middle School PTA
  • Downey Administrators Association
  • Downey Arts Coalition Scholarship
  • Downey Association of Realtors
  • Downey Chamber of Commerce
  • Downey Council PTA
  • Downey Educators Association
  • Downey Federal Credit Union
  • Downey High PTA
  • Downey HS Adv. Photography
  • Downey Historic Society Scholarship
  • Downey Lions Clubs
  • Downey Nissan
  • Downey Rent-A-Tux
  • Downey Symphonic Society Scholarship
  • Escrow Net Scholarship
  • Family & Consumer Science
  • Financial Partners Credit Union Scholarship
  • Frank & Carol Kearns STEM Scholarship
  • Gallatin Elementary PTA
  • Gaucho Grill
  • Jesus David Santos Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Y-Club VisiGoths Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Ardis Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Bennie C. Reagan & Ann Reagan Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Camren Martin Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Daniel K. Wetzstein Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Dave Jackson Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Ed Diloreto Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Freudenberger Family Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-J. Donald Fisher Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Kiwanis Foundation Citizenship Award
  • Kiwanis-Key Club
  • Kiwanis-Kiwins Club
  • Kiwanis-Lehman Family Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Phil Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Robert McClennan Class of 1961
  • Kiwanis-Schuyler & Jane Strang Scholarship
  • Kiwanis-Tommy Jones Memorial Scholarship
  • Leila & Eric Lewis Memorial Scholarship
  • Lewis Elementary School PTA
  • Light and Life Church
  • Linda G Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
  • Mark Child Memorial Scholarship
  • Memo Scaffolding Scholarship
  • Nicholas St. George DDS Scholarship
  • Optmist Club
  • Penske
  • PIH Health
  • “Raised on Rock View” Scholarship
  • Ricky Galvez Memorial Scholarship/Gangs Out of Downey
  • Rio Hondo Elementary PTA
  • Rio San Gabriel Elementary PTA
  • Robert Miller Memorial Scholarship
  • Sally McFarland
  • Schools First Federal Credit Union
  • Soroptimist Art
  • Soroptimist Special Ed
  • Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award
  • Soroptimist Vocational Arts
  • Stauffer Career College Grants
  • Sussman Middle School PTA
  • Unsworth Elementary PTA
  • Ward Elementary PTA
  • Women’s Club of Downey
  • Yvette Flores Arts Memorial Scholarship