College Requirements

Subject CSU UC
English 4 Years 4 years(Honors/AP Recommended)
Social Studies 2 years:World History, Modern American History 2 years:  World History, Modern American History (Honors/AP recommended)
Math 3 years:Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II 3 years:  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, 4th year recommended(Honors/AP recommended)
Science 2 years Lab Science: Biology, Chemistry 2 years Lab Science:  Biology, Chemistry, Additional years recommended(Honors/AP recommended)
Foreign Language 2 years in the same language 2 years in the same language (additional years recommended)
Visual/Performing Arts 1 year:Drama, Art, Art Design, Drawing,Music, Photo, Guitar, Ceramics
College Prep Electives 1 year:English, Foreign Language, Math, Social Studies,Psychology, Economics, etc.
Tests SAT Reasoning or ACT

NOTE:  CSU=California State University  UC=University of California.

Community College

Community College offers students the opportunity to take the first two years of college at a two year institution. Students may complete a certificate program, vocational program, an AA degree, or may transfer to a 4 year institution to complete their bachelor’s degree. Students who plan to attend a community college are encouraged to complete the CSU requirements in high school. Students applying for admission must be 18 or have a high school diploma.