College and Career Center Info

Career Specialists may assist your student with individual College and Career planning on a one-on-one basis.  Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment.

Career Tech E-mail Address Phone Ext
Ms Tina Campos 5546
Ms Maria Lopez 5514
Ms Lori Acosta 5591
Mr Ricardo Garcia 5563

Location:  Room A-201 (right next to the Annex upstairs)

Services Offered

  • Scholarships: Current list of national based scholarships are available in the Career Center.  Note: Not to be confused with the Local scholarship-this has its own application/webpage
  • College Entrance exams:  SAT, ACT, and PSAT
  • Monthly College/University visits Downey HS to answer questions regarding admissions etc…
  • One-on-One Advisement regarding the College application process.
  • FAFSA information and important dates to apply for financial aid.
  • Eureka: Computerized guidance database to match skills to Career options and to complete Career Assessments and Career Exploration Projects packets.
  • ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery-detail career assessment sponsored by the military usually administer each year on campus.
  • CTE class information on how to register for CTE classes and so much more!
  • Work Permits available upon requests to our students ages 13-17

College and Career News

Many Colleges visit Downey High every Month

Parents and students please view the events calendar on our webpage for the many College and University visits at Downey HS on a monthly basis!  Stop by the College Career Ctr. A201 for an updated calendar of events.  We hope to see you at the many college presentations happening here at Downey High! Topics will include application/admissions process, financial aid, athletics and personal statement Q’s and so much more.  You can have your college Q’s answered by a college admissions counselor from the college of your dreams-hope you will plan to join us!