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University of California at Los Angeles

UCLA Bruins

The top winning Division I University located right here in Los Angeles County.  UCLA was the first university to capture 100 Division I sports titles.  The academics at UCLA are also very well respected.  A private university located about 18 miles from Downey, UCLA defines tradition and excellence.

Age: 95

May 23rd, 1919

Mascot: Bruins

Football stadium: Rose Bowl

Favorite colors: ”true blue” and gold

Notable graduates of UCLA:

Anthony Kiedis, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jim Morrison, Tim Robbins, Ted Stevens, Carol Burnett, Gore Verbinski, John Williams, and Tom Anderson of MySpace. The UCLA faculty history is especially distinguished, with members of staff including Arnold Schoenberg, John Wooden, Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin, Michael Dukakis, Bertrand Russell and David Kaplan.

Mr. Beckers’ tips for getting to and graduating from college…..

1. Know your ability

2. Pick three colleges by the end of 8th grade

3. Know their admission qualifications

4. Know your family’s financial abilities

5. Talk to your counselors in the 9th grade

6. Always know your G.P.A.


Mr. Beckers’ two hour rule….

pick a college that is at least two hours from home, possibly even out of state.  You will make new friends, live on campus, have big-time adult responsibilities and see what the world has to offer!

Mr. Becker says, “College is not easy, or else everyone would do it.”