School-wide Instructional focus

Critical Reading

Doty Middle School’s instructional focus is a school-wide,  collaborative effort to have all DMS students read critically and show growth in their ability to comprehend rigorous text and graphics.  Students will use reasoning and evidence collection skills that are essential for success in college,  career,  and life.  We will measure student growth through state-wide tests and a variety of site-based assessments school-wide.

What is Critical Reading?

Critical Reading is a form of reading that does not take text at face value, but involves an examination of claims, analysis of the soundness of arguments, and the ability to infer meaning and make assumptions from textual clues, text structure, and organization.  The critical reader engages the text directly, reads and re-reads deliberately, examines it thoroughly and methodically (including annotation and note-taking), and can discuss and summarize in a way that demonstrates an accurate and insightful understanding of the text.