Parent Letter (English)

Dear Doty Middle School Parents,
This time last month, who could have imagined the circumstances in which we find ourselves today?  In such a brief period of time, the world community has reacted to an unprecedented crisis, forcing us to gear up, lock down, and adjust to a new way of going about life.  Just twelve days ago, our schools turned on a dime to respond and move from traditional schooling to an at-home education model.  Now, as we look toward operating in this manner until at least May 5, we will implement a Distance Learning Plan that is more sustainable, meaningful, and responsive to your many concerns.  We have heard your voices, and we recognize that our current model for continuity of education with six classes a day, five days a week, in homes that perhaps have multiple students, as well as parents working from home, requires some adjustment on our part.  Below, you will find a chart that summarizes Doty Middle School’s Distance Learning Plan for the weeks ahead, scheduled to officially begin on Monday, March 30.
In short, each class will meet virtually twice a week.  Within a two-hour window, each class will provide an online instruction component with a follow-up digital assignment, and the teacher will be available throughout the two-hour block of time.  This works out to three classes a day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  However, it is not required that students access the lesson and assignment within the scheduled time.  At your convenience, these lessons and assignments can be viewed and completed when your home schedule allows.  On Wednesday mornings, all of our faculty members and counselors will hold office hours and be available to you and your students via email and other online applications.  Wednesdays also provide your student with supplemental enrichment opportunities through our Virtual Field Trips, for which you can find the grade-level Google Classroom codes below.
Please know that we want to continue to respond to all your needs as we are able.  The Downey Unified School District continues to provide free meals to students, and loaner laptops, if needed, are also available for students to use at home.  Details and schedules for these resources can be found on the district website,, and our own website,  Additionally, both websites provide resources and information that may be helpful to you and your families during this difficult time.  Finally, I know that you are aware that the situation is ever changing, and so we are continually adjusting as needed.  We appreciate your understanding, flexibility, and ongoing cooperation as we endeavor to continue to provide effective and meaningful learning opportunities for our students that correspond properly with the circumstances at hand.  I pray that you and your family will find silver linings to these clouds we are experiencing, and that the bonds you share with those most dear to you will grow ever stronger as we face these trials and challenging times together.
Brent Shubin, Principal