Get involved in a club today!!!  There are over 20 clubs at Doty and there is sure to be one to draw your interest.  Whether it is Scrabble Club with Mr. Bugaren, Chess Club with Mr. Mallory or Bible Club, the clubs offer a great opportunity to make new friends and be a part of your school.  A list of clubs and meeting times coming soon…..Club List

Advisor Meeting Day & Time Meeting Place
Art Club Mrs. Mui Thursdays 2:45-3:30 Room 15
Bible Club Ms. Menendez &

Ms. Bovey

Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 31
Builders Club Ms. Sparangis Mondays @ Lunch Room 72
Chess Club Mr. Im Fridays @ Lunch Room 52
Chorus Ms. Keen Tuesdays 2:45-3:30 Room 5
Drama Ms Fuenes Wednesdays @ Lunch Room 7
Femineers Ms Parry, Ms. Arosteguy,

Ms. Portillo & Ms. Bovey

TBD 3:00-4:00 Cafeteria
Kid Connect Ms. Redfox Tuesdays @ Lunch Room 4
My Place Ms. Redfox Fridays @ Lunch Room 12
Lunch Bunch Ms. Portillo Thursdays @ Lunch Room 73
Scrabble Mr. Bugaren & Mr. Craig Tuesdays @ Lunch Room 36


CJSF Ms. Barrera TBD
Honor Roll Mr. Minahan & Mr. Hancock TBD


ASB Ms. Carter & Ms. Stella Tuesdays 7:15-7:45 Room 31
WEB Mr. Dodge & Ms. Keen Varies Room 12