Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is about the behaviors regarding technology use. It encompasses digital literacy, ethics, etiquette, online safety, rights, and more. We recognize that good digital citizens promote a safe online environment when using technology devices such as computers and mobile devices.

Identity Safety

*Guard your personal information carefully. *Sharing your address, phone, social security, and bank info places you at risk for identity theft. *"Passwords are like underwear..." change them often and don't share them with friends.

Appropriate Online Behavior

*Your posts should be a positive reflection of you. *Respect the ideas and opinions of others. *Use appropriate language.

Positive Digital Image

*What you share is out there FOREVER! *Everything posted and shared digitally can be saved, copied and shared with others. *Tags are forever. Think before you tag.

Piracy and Plagiarism

*Downloading, copying or sharing music, movies, photos and images without creator's okay is illegal. *Copying and pasting without citing is plagiarism. *Understand "fair use" - use sites that give permission or are copyright free.


*Don't be the bully. If you wouldn't say it face to face, don't say it online. *Don't respond to the bully or meet with a cyberbully. *Tell a trusted adult if you are cyberbullied.

Social Networks

*Meeting face to face is risky; don't do it or take a trusted adult. *Never respond to messages that make you feel uncomfortable and report it to someone you trust. *Know who is on your "friend list."

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