ATTENTION! Minimum Day on Friday, October 10th. All students except for those who are on Step 4 (at-risk for not graduating) can leave at noon. Step 4 students will be escorted to the cafeteria to meet with parents and teachers to discuss their lack of progress and find some remedies to be successful. Back to School Day on Friday from 8:00 - 12:00.

Office Hours
7:30 am – 3:30 pm Mon-Fri
Bell Schedule 2013-2014
Period 1 8:00-8:50
Period 2 8:55-9:45
Break 9:45-10:03
Period 3 10:03-10:53
Period 4 10:58-11:48
Break: 11:48-12:07
Period 5 12:07-12:57
Period 6 1:00-1:50
Welcome to Columbus High School where all students are offered many opportunities to overcome the adversity that has brought them here. I encourage each student to make a fresh start and find a new motivation for personal and academic success.