ATTENTION! Minimum Day on Friday, October 31st. All students except for those who are on Step 4 (at-risk for not graduating) can leave at noon. Step 4 students will be escorted to the cafeteria to meet with parents and teachers to discuss their lack of progress and find some remedies to be successful.

Office Hours
7:30 am – 3:30 pm Mon-Fri
Bell Schedule 2013-2014
Period 1 8:00-8:50
Period 2 8:55-9:45
Break 9:45-10:03
Period 3 10:03-10:53
Period 4 10:58-11:48
Break: 11:48-12:07
Period 5 12:07-12:57
Period 6 1:00-1:50
Welcome to Columbus High School where all students are offered many opportunities to overcome the adversity that has brought them here. I encourage each student to make a fresh start and find a new motivation for personal and academic success.