Classified Human Resources F.A.Q.

Classified Human Resources Frequently Asked Questions

What are your employee benefits?
When can I apply for a job?
Do you accept resumes?
When I turn in an application, am I automatically eligible to be tested?
Can I get my application back after the exam?
How often should I update my contact information?
Can a job announcement change?
What are the types of exams that you offer to internal and external applicants?
How do you construct your exams?
Do you provide accommodations for exams?
How am I notified when and where to take an exam?
If I was disqualified, how am I notified?
What happens after the last examination?
Do you provide scoring credit for veterans?
Do you give scoring credit to internal applicants on your exams?
I am on the eligibility list, what is next?
When does the eligibility list expire?
Do you perform background checks?
As a new employee, what other requirement or procedures must I complete?
If I am hired, am I automatically a permanent employee?
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