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The Board of Education of the Downey Unified School District believes that:

1Education is a lifelong process of learning and living and our schools are dedicated to the challenge of providing the opportunity for individuals both youth and adult to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to work and live successfully and to assume the responsibilities inherent in a democratic society.

2Students must be prepared to encounter the daily challenges of the present diverse, multicultural environment and to resolve the constantly changing problems of their future. Not only is education charged with preparing the student to meet life as he/she finds it, but it must inspire him/her positively and morally to affect and improve the world itself.

The Board of Education believes this can best be accomplished by establishing educational programs within which emphasis will be placed upon the following:

1Provide opportunities for all students to become competent with basic subject matter areas by:

a. Gaining the necessary information and tools by which they can learn and develop the skills of communication–listening, speaking, reading, writing, and spelling.
b. Learning to handle abstract and concrete concepts in mathematics and science, with a realization of how this knowledge may be applied to daily living, and how to apply these tools to drawing conclusions.
c. Involvement in the experiences needed to develop skill in the fine and practical arts with emphasis on potential creativeness, inventiveness, and originality.
d. Having meaningful experiences that will develop a basic understanding of our nation’s and the world’s economic structure.
e. Developing skills in the use of tools and machines and an understanding of the role of machines and technology in mankind’s present and future.

2Individuals should be taught by precept and example to respect authority and to understand that they, too, may someday be in positions of authority, and that respect must be earned and given by:

a. Teaching individuals to be tolerant of their fellowman and to respect the rights, dignity, and worth of the individual and his/her property.
b. Developing within each person the insights to interpersonal relationships which are needed to live harmoniously with others with respect for their rights.
c. Encouraging in each student a high standard of honesty and morality.
d. Developing in each student an intellectual curiosity and the ability to experience the joy of discovery.

3Enable all students to develop themselves to the ultimate of their potential in a district which will be a model for a just and equitable society.

4Develop an understanding and appreciation of the culture, responsibilities, and heritage of our democratic society which will be reflected by

a. A deep sense of pride in our American heritage.
b. A devotion to the country in which we live.
c. A sound belief in the advantages and opportunities of a democracy.
d. A belief in the destiny of our country as an example of a world leader in a free society.

In this dynamic world these goals of the Downey Unified School District will be reevaluated continually for their worth. Only to the extent that each person achieves these present goals and develops the ability to adjust to the goals and circumstances of tomorrow’s world will the home and the agencies of society, including the schools, have achieved their purpose.

Further, the Board conceives of the District as being a cooperative enterprise in which home, church, school, and other community forces all share in the educational development of individuals. In these, our community schools, the Board of Education urges all parents and citizens to become its partners.

The Board of Education accepts the responsibility delegated by the community at large to commit the human and material resources necessary to implement an educational program designed to achieve the curricular, instructional, and managerial expectancies as stated within a framework defined by the adopted Philosophy of Education.


By June 2016, Downey Unified School District will, as measured by quantitative and/or qualitative data…..

  1. Increase academic achievement for all students, including LCAP designated high-needs students, and increase the four-year college eligibility rate as measured by a-g completion for CSU/UC.
  2. Continue to expand AVID opportunities at the six secondary sites including program certification at each site.
  3. Continue CHARACTER COUNTS! activities at all school sites and Pursuing Victory With Honor training for coaches.
  4. Provide STEAM instruction during structured elementary Professional Learning Community (PLC) time and implement the components of the California Career Pathways Trust Grant (CCPT).
  5. Develop a Districtwide program for parent engagement and education.
  6. Implement targeted programs to support the social, emotional, and overall wellness of our students.
  7. Provide professional development training and appropriate materials for teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and disciplinary literacy within the social sciences.
  8. Complete Quick Start projects, be on schedule to break ground on Measure O Group 1 projects, and demonstrate evidence towards completion of safety and security improvements.
  9. Maintain the fiscal excellence that the District has achieved while implementing the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) model and state requirements.
  10. Integrate technology into District initiatives through enhancing Professional Learning Communities, mounting of LCD projectors in all classrooms and implementation of a Districtwide wireless system.

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