Downey Unified School District Mathematics Placement Policy

Downey Unified School District (DUSD) has adopted the “Enhanced Pathway” in the California Mathematics Framework, 2013 as it allows students to develop a solid foundation on key middle school mathematical concepts.  It also gives students more time to make key choices on their mathematics pathway.

This pathway is depicted below:

The rationale for this decision is based upon evidence including:

  • From the California Mathematics Framework, 2013, on acceleration options:
    • “Common Core Standards for grades 6–8 are comprehensive, rigorous, and non-redundant. Acceleration will require compaction and not the former strategy of deletion.”
    • “Acceleration may get students to advanced coursework, but this might create gaps in students’ mathematical background.”
    • “Decisions to accelerate students into the Common Core State Standards for higher mathematics before ninth grade should not be rushed. Placing students into an accelerated pathway too early should be avoided at all costs.”
    • From the National Center on Education and the Economy’s key findings:
      • “Don’t rush through middle school mathematics; master Algebra I by sophomore year.”


Placement Policy

As there is a single mathematics pathway, all students in Downey Unified School District go from Math 8 in 8th grade to Integrated Math I in 9th grade.


Placement Checkpoint

A student placement checkpoint is not used as the DUSD mathematics pathway dictates that all 8th grade students enroll in Integrated Math I in 9th grade.


Parental or Guardian Recourse

Parents or guardians who have questions or comments about their student’s placement in a 9th grade mathematics course should contact their student’s school counselor.


Students Transferring to Downey USD from Other Districts

Any students new to Downey USD will be placed in the mathematics course corresponding to the course after the highest completed course.


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