Students picket against bullying

Hundreds of students picketed outside Sussman Middle School on Wednesday morning in a loud and vocal demonstration against campus bullying.

Chanting “SMS is a bully-free zone!”, students wore black T-shirts that read “ABC – Anti Bullying Campus” and waved hand-made signs with the slogans “Don’t Just Watch, Do Something” and “Honk If You’re Against Bullying.”

One student held a sarcastic sign reading “You’re a Bully? Wow, You’re So Cool.”

The demonstration was part of Anti-Bullying Week being celebrated across the Downey Unified School District.

“Having an anti-bullying week early in the school year has helped send a strong message and set a positive tone for the rest of the year on our district campuses,” said district administrator Dr. Robert Jagielski. “Downey Unified has packaged and promoted our anti-bullying efforts under the umbrella of Character Counts. The goal is to work on creating a culture of caring that does not allow for bullies and their behaviors to thrive.”

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